How It Works

Zealous Good connects people with items to donate with the local charities that need them most.

For donors, here's how it works:

Donor Step 1 Step 1: Tell us what you want to donate. Use the form to submit a photo and quick description of what you want to donate.


Donor Step 1Step 2: We find out what charities need it. We reach out to charities that are interested in the type of good or service you are donating and find out if they have the current need and availability to receive the donation.


Donor Step 1Step 3: Pick the charity for your donation and schedule the drop off or pick up. We email you when charities request your item. You can choose your preferred charity. We provide the information to schedule the donation drop off or pick up directly with the charity.

Donor Step 1Step 4: Donate and feel great – you made a difference! Before you know it, you have helped a charity in need by donating your items! Who knew it was this easy to do good?



For charities, here's how it works:

Non-profit step 1Step 1: Create your charitable organization’s Zealous Good page. Sign up for free and select donation categories that you would like to be notified about. The profile is 100% free until you receive your first donation. Then your organization signs up for one of our simple and affordable plans or chooses to pay by the transaction.

Non-profit Step 2Step 2: Spread the word! Promote your page via Facebook, Twitter and email. Informing your community of your in-kind needs will not only get them aware of how they can help, but also get their social networks aware of ways to contribute.


Step 3: Request donations. You will be emailed when donations come in to Zealous Good that match your selected donation categories. If your organization wants the donation, simply enter options for pick up and drop off times and write a brief note to the donor.

Non-profit step 4Step 4: Receive donations! When a donor selects your organization for a donation, connect directly with the donor to get the donation. Following donation, send a tax receipt to the donor. We’ll help along the way!