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  • More donations
    We've matched over $1.2 million dollars of donated goods and services to local charities

  • Easy process
    You'll have a simple way to receive in-kind donations actually needed by your organization

  • New donors
    Our platform provides an easy way to become connected to new donors

  • Online presence
    Your Zealous Good profile will increase the online and social media presence of your non-profit

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Why Non-profits Love Us Back to Top

  • Zealous Good has been an incredible partner. Tuesday's Child has received new classroom activities, refurnished our entire office and much of our parent training room, and really improved our silent auctions. The donations we have received have transformed our organization.

  • Brandon M. Combs, Tuesday's Child, Executive Director

    Brandon Combs
  • Zealous Good assists me by being the bridge to donors. In a time when financial contributions are limited, organizations are relying more on the generosity of the community. Zealous Good and their friendly staff remind us that we are all a part of the community and donations of all shape and size can assist an organization.

  • William Guardia, Teen Living programs, Community Engagement Specialist

    William Guardia
  • We rely heavily on the donation of quality items for our participants & their children. Zealous Good has been a constant source of amazing donations - and the best part is the helpfulness of the staff & the way the work to help us find just the right items for our families!

  • Emily White Hodge, Director of Operations, New Moms

    Emily White Hodge
  • In the world of non-profits, the most over-used phrase is “do more with less.” Not only are resources scarce but the competition for them is fierce. The items made available through Zealous Good are nothing short of a godsend! Every dime saved from opportunities made available from their website is money spent on service to our clients who also directly benefit from these donations. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

  • Karen Reed, Accounting, The Inner Voice Inc.

    Karen Reed
  • Zealous Good has been super helpful for ArtReach. The connections that ZG makes are a win-win, allowing people to get rid of things they no longer need, while making it affordable for us to furnish our office, find interesting recycled supplies, and keep the costs of providing innovative art programming low for those who are most in need. Thanks so much, Zealous Good!

  • Karen Reyes, Executive Director, ArtReach at Lillstreet

    Karen Reyes

    Frequently Asked Questions Back to Top

    What are the most frequent donations that come through Zealous Good?

    Office supplies, office/home furniture, household items, electronics, computers, and clothing. While these are some of the most frequent donations, we do have over 20 donation categories so that non-profits are able to be matched to their more specific needs. Do you want to start requesting items today?

    Who is responsible for the pick up or drop off of the donations?

    The donor selects their delivery method when submitting the donation. They can choose to drop it off or have it picked up. Non-profits are able see this information prior to requesting the item so they can plan accordingly.

    Are you reliable? What other non-profits do you work with?

    Yes! We’ve been able to match well over $1MOne Million Dollars in in-kind donations to over 400 non-profits. You can see for yourself which non-profits are already involved here.

    Are non-profits responsible for providing donors with tax receipts?

    Non-profits are only responsible for providing tax receipts only if one was requested by the donor. We’ll send a reminder with the pertinent information if the donor requests a tax receipt. Click here to see the steps of writing a tax-receipt.

    How frequent are donations?

    It can really vary depending on each week. We receive donations every day. As of summer 2014, on busy days we’ll receive 40+ donations and 10+ on slow days. Depending on their location and type, your non-profit may or may not be notified of the donations. However, you can always see all the available donations on our page of available donations.

    What is your fee structure?

    As a non-profit, it is completely free to set up a profile on our website and to start receiving emails about available donations based on your indicated areas of need. Or, you can sign up for a plan right away! Once you do want to start requesting donations, you must select a membership plan, outlined here.

    What locations/areas do you serve?

    Currently, Zealous Good operates in Chicagoland and Dallas. If you love us and want us to come to your city, please let us know here!

    I love what you guys do! How did you get started?

    Zealous Good was started because of the growing volume of in-kind donations and the inefficiency by which they were being donated. We realized that donors wanted to know who needed their items, non-profits wanted it to be easier to find things they need, and technology could be a great resource and connector. For a more about our story and other fun articles, check out our press page.

    Did we miss a question that you have?

    Email us at hello@zealousgood.com. We’ll be happy to help!