Charity Details

Urban Art Retreat Center

Help us to support under-represented artists and provide a safe place for women & children!

Issue Area: Animals , Arts, Culture, Humanities , Education , Health , Human Services , Public Benefit
Non-profit Status: 501(c)3
Our mission is to provide safe, non-violent, supportive space for people who are different from each other to come together and learn from each other with a purpose of reducing prejudice . We encourage all our staff to educate themselves about the "isms" - racism, sexism, homophobia, able-ism, etc. Then we share this information with other people to help reduce barriers between people. We hope to educate the public in general and our participants in particular about various social justice issues. All our programs have social justice issues woven through them.
Specific Needs:
Our non profit has a women's residence on the 2nd floor with bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, living room, library. On the first floor we have an art gallery for under-represented artists. We also have an office and managers quarters on first floor. On lower level we have an art studio for kids & adults, plus a laundry room for residents. There are 2 resident therapy dogs. Outside we have a very large relaxation garden. We grow flowers and beautiful things, plus the dogs and visitors use the area to enjoy the outdoors. We have a meditation garden also.

Our Needs:

Kids - Furniture
Books, Periodicals, & Magazines
Cameras & Photography
Cleaning Supplies & Equipment
Computers & Computer Accessories
Electronics (other) & Accessories
Gardening & Outdoor
Food & Drink
Home Furniture
Toiletries, Health & Personal Care
Household Items
Musical Instruments & Accessories
Kids - School Supplies
Pet Supplies
Silent Auction Prizes
Sports Equipment
Kids - Toys & Games
Office Furniture
art supplies, school supplies, backpacks