Charity Details


Help support and strengthen our outdoor theatre

Issue Area: Arts, Culture, Humanities
Non-profit Status: 501(c)3
The specific purposes for which Theatre-Hikes is formed are for establishing and maintaining theatrical performances combined with hiking, offering an event that travels to various locations; and as most performing will be outdoors, Theatre-Hikes hopes to nurture in the public, a respect for the preservation of hiking trails and the local, city, county, state and national parks where these trails can be found. Theatre-Hikes will seek to involve diverse populations in its staff, board members, volunteers and audiences. It will have a strong commitment to use actors who are members of Actors’ Equity Association (AEA), the union of professional actors and stage managers. Theatre-Hikes will compensate all staff and actors who are not members of AEA.
Specific Needs:
Storage organization: shelves, costume racks, plastic containers or tubs Clothing for costumes Random furniture or small props (dishware, etc.) depending on the plays we are doing throughout the season Possible Silent Auction Items, but not as needed at this time

Our Needs:

Household Items
Home Furniture
Office Furniture
Silent Auction Prizes
Sports Equipment
Kids - School Supplies
Clothing & Accessories (Adult)
crosses (props for Dracula), light-weight chaise lounge, fake strings of garlic