Charity Details

Greenhouse Theater Center

Donate to a small community of artists that serves the larger community of Chicago

Issue Area: Arts, Culture, Humanities
Non-profit Status: 501(c)3
Our mission is to nurture small to mid-size theater companies toward continued growth and expression in an artists’ space at the heart of the Chicago theater community. We strive to provide an epicenter for diverse artistic points of view and excellent entertainment through area partnerships, annual programming, educational events, careful selection of resident theater companies, affiliations with the League of Chicago Theaters, and local Chambers of Commerce.
Specific Needs:
Performing Arts Center in an OLD building that requires a lot of attention. Our needs involve contractor services, tools, lobby furniture, office equipment & supplies, shelving, kitchen supplies, and giveaway items to promote our company to our community.

Our Needs:

Food & Drink
Home Furniture
Office Furniture
Silent Auction Prizes
Kids - School Supplies
Gardening & Outdoor
Cleaning Supplies & Equipment