Charity Details


Please donate to help women affected by female genital cutting (FGM/C), forma is dedicated to providing mental health services for immigrant women affected by FGM/C, rape trauma and general violence. Services at forma are also extended to their families

Issue Area: Education , Health , Human Services
Non-profit Status: 501(c)3 pending
forma is dedicated to providing comprehensive, culturally sensitive clinical and educational services tailored to individual women and families affected by FGM/C in the Chicago area. In addition to our Chicago office, the forma website exists for the sole purpose of supporting women who have already been cut. Although there are many organizations which promote abandonment of FGM/C, the forma website is designed as an interactive space for FGC-affected women to share their stories through art, writing, film, photography, music or any other form of artistic expression.
Specific Needs:
Any baby related items for pregnancy groups being offered to refugee and immigrant women. We could also distribute Health and personal care items to these same women and to the women's health groups we will be offering. Also, any school supplies and equipment for children between the 3rd and 6th grades. These items will be distributed to the tutoring groups. We also plan to sponsor men's group to focus on improving family dynamics and matriculating life in the US. With this in mind it would be helpful to distribute electronics, computers, cell phones PDAs.

Our Needs:

Computers & Computer Accessories
Kids - Toys & Games
Cell Phone & Tablets
Electronics (other) & Accessories
Kids - School Supplies
Toiletries, Health & Personal Care
Kids - Furniture