Charity Details

Englewood Food Network

help us empower our community

Issue Area: Human Services
Non-profit Status: 501(c)3
The mission of the Englewood Food Network is to serve the community by feeding the hungry and providing programs and services designed to promote healthy living.”
Specific Needs:
We are housed in a proverty community where we services over 1000 clients a week through our food pantry and we see a lot of our clients with their children with clothes that are nasty, smelling and torn. Most of the time they are not dress for the weather. We try to have clothes give aways but it is never enough to give out. A lot of times they they ask for grooming items or pampers for their babies, but we do not carry these items. We would like to give our clients and their children some of the thing they can not afford but we don't have funds.We would like to offer computer classes, life skill and basic need class.

Our Needs:

Gardening & Outdoor
Computers & Computer Accessories
Kids - Furniture
Cameras & Photography
Cell Phone & Tablets
Cleaning Supplies & Equipment
Clothing & Accessories (Adult)
Electronics (other) & Accessories
Food & Drink
Toiletries, Health & Personal Care
Household Items
Kids - School Supplies
Silent Auction Prizes
Kids - Toys & Games