Charity Details

Dream Center Evansville

Faith based Nonprofit that works with over 300 underprivileged children

Issue Area: Education , Human Services , Public Benefit
Non-profit Status: 501(c)3
Dream Center believes that connecting children and families to God’s will for their lives empowers them to be successful, self-sufficient members of the community. We realize this belief by: Providing a sense of safety, love and community Building positive relationships in Christ Nurturing the greatest potential of everyone we serve
Specific Needs:
We are a nonprofit that works mainly with children living in poverty and in troubled homes, our specific needs are school and office supplies because we offer after school tutoring/homework help, toys, games and books that will keep our children entertained while they are with us. We are also in need of silent auction prizes for our Gala coming up in October. All the proceeds raised from our auction will go to sponsoring more children so that we can help as many in our area as possible. We also are in need of any time of clothing items that we can give to our kids because most of them do not have clothing or shoes that fit properly. Any donations received will allow us to help impact the lives of the children and to helping them become successful, self-sufficient members of society. We want to end the cycle of poverty that their families are stuck in.

Our Needs:

Books, Periodicals, & Magazines
Computers & Computer Accessories
Musical Instruments & Accessories
Silent Auction Prizes
Sports Equipment
Kids - Toys & Games
Electronics (other) & Accessories
Kids - School Supplies
Clothing & Accessories (Adult)
Cleaning Supplies & Equipment
Kids - Furniture