Charity Details

Community Assistance Programs

Assisting Chicago communities achieve and maintain employment.

Issue Area: Education , Human Services , Public Benefit
Non-profit Status: 501(c)3
Community Assistance Programs (CAPs) is a not-for-profit employment agency that provides employment training and job placement services. CAPs has proven successful techniques in working with prospective employees to address the workforce needs of business through strategic hiring. One of CAPs areas of expertise is helping employers access indirect government-assisted programs to maximize their payroll budget. Serving the Chicagoland area, CAPs provides comprehensive customized training services to place qualified employees to meet your unique business requirements. CAPs will assist the employer in making informed decisions in job placements, by providing an easy and convenient process, without the traditional expense.
Specific Needs:
Our organizations takes in community members who are in need to Job Readiness training and placement. We teach classes to assist clients with successful employment and employment retention. We teach a particular class around Grooming and Hygiene. We would love to receive donations to allow clients who do not possess funds to purchase these products on their own.

Our Needs:

Cameras & Photography
Computers & Computer Accessories
Toiletries, Health & Personal Care