Charity Details

Celebrate Differences

Donate to support children with disabilities!

Issue Area: Education , Human Services
Non-profit Status: 501(c)3
Celebrate Differences is committed to supporting individuals with disabilities in reaching their fullest potential by providing positive resources and information to families, communities and health care providers while promoting a competent level of awareness and understanding.
Specific Needs:
We have a disability awareness center and are looking to start a program to support teens and adults with developmental disabilities so they can live meaningful, productive lives in their home community with family and friends. We are in need of start up funds for this program.

Our Needs:

Computers & Computer Accessories
Food & Drink
Silent Auction Prizes
Kids - Toys & Games
Electronics (other) & Accessories
Kids - School Supplies
Cleaning Supplies & Equipment
Donated service to create a PSA and donated printing services.