Charity Details

Cathedral Shelter of Chicago

Cathedral Shelter is committed to solving homelessness through award-winning programs for individuals and their children.

Issue Area: Human Services
Non-profit Status: 501(c)3
Working with love and compassion to end homelessness in Chicago, particularly for people dealing with addiction.
Specific Needs:
Cathedral Shelter of Chicago is the trusted not-for-profit organization that is committed to solving homelessness in Chicago. For almost 100 years, thousands of homeless individuals and their children have turned to CSC for expert resources and award-winning addiction treatment programs. CSC provides vital services to the homeless in Chicago, offering community assistance, life skills development and resources for thousands of families and almost a hundred permanent housing clients.

Our Needs:

Books, Periodicals, & Magazines
Household Items
Clothing & Accessories (Adult)
Cleaning Supplies & Equipment