Charity Details

Busy Brains Children's Museum

Help Develop Lake County's First Children's Museum in downtown Lake Villa

Issue Area: Education
Non-profit Status: 501(c)3
Busy Brains Children's Museum encourages the joy of learning and discovery in all children, with interactive exhibits and enlightening programs in the arts, sciences, and humanities.
Specific Needs:
Busy Brains Children's Museum was recently donated a 14,000 square foot building in downtown Lake Villa. We are in need of construction materials/experts in order to renovate the building. We have amazing plans for the permanent exhibits that will be housed in the museum and have a great list of items for these galleries.

Our Needs:

Books, Periodicals, & Magazines
Computers & Computer Accessories
Household Items
Kids - Toys & Games
Kids - School Supplies
Kids - Furniture
Old truck (with open bed or no bed at all) for farmer’s market exhibit (does not need to run, with engine, gas tank/battery can be removed), old tractor