Charity Details


buildOn is not a charity, it's a movement.

Issue Area: Education , International , Public Benefit
Non-profit Status: 501(c)3
We empower U.S. urban youth to transform their neighborhoods and the world through intensive community service. Globally, we’re constructing a new school every three days in some of the economically poorest countries around the world.
Specific Needs:
AT HOME - CHICAGO SCHOOLS AND SERVICE PROJECTS: School supplies: • Notebooks • Pens and pencils • Two-pocket folders • Calculators • Loose-leaf paper Bottled water, Ventra Cards, Subway or boxed lunches, Gardening supplies, Snacks, Art supplies, Sports equipment, Backpacks, Fleece fabric, Gift cards/baskets for student incentives. ABROAD - STUDENT TREKS: Sleeping bags, Flip cameras, Luggage, Reusable water bottles. EVENTS: Large event spaces, Photographer, Advertising/Media/Marketing Tools.

Our Needs:

Cameras & Photography
Food & Drink
Sports Equipment
Kids - School Supplies
Clothing & Accessories (Adult)