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Better Boys Foundation

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Issue Area: Arts, Culture, Humanities , Education , Health
Non-profit Status: 501(c)3
Better Boys Foundation (BBF) is an intentional community. BBF provides a continuum of care and support to children and youth so that the potential nurtured through early childhood programs will be fully and powerfully realized in the elementary, high school, and post-secondary years. BBF has demonstrated the value of its work and the quality of its programming through more than 50 years of dedicated service to the North Lawndale community. Since its founding in 1961, BBF’s mission has been to provide area youth and their families experiences that enhance emotional, social, academic, and career development. BBF is a beacon for everyone who believes that our future lies in development of the potential inherent in our young people. Please explore the site to learn more about our history, our facility, our programs, and the many people who make our work possible.
Specific Needs:
We are in need of chairs for our kid programming. We are in need of 50 chairs for teens, and 100 chairs for our younger kids.

Our Needs:

Home Furniture
Office Furniture