Charity Details

Become, Inc.

Help us inspire change, create community, and facilitate transformation

Issue Area: Education , Health , Human Services , Public Benefit
Non-profit Status: 501(c)3 pending
Our mission is to help communities reach their potential by amplifying the impact of resources. We do this through training, education, coalition building, and Dynamic Evaluation*. We work to inspire community involvement on all levels. We are committed to creating thriving communities for a socially just world. *Program evaluation and development that takes an organization and community members through a process of growth, improvement, and transformation
Specific Needs:
We are an organization that travels to the communities we work with since we work with communities that often are low income. Therefore, we need transportation, particularly a car. We are also an organization dedicated to thriving communities and in order to create those communities, we need others to be inspired to participate in the progress. Visuals and stories are some of the most powerful modes of inspiration and, thus, we are asking for a video camera, particularly a video camera that is easy to carry from place to place. For instance, a small cannon video camera that can be used for recording interviews and events (e.g., a community event), like the Cannon P3I. We also need a laptop.

Our Needs:

Cameras & Photography
Computers & Computer Accessories
Cell Phone & Tablets
Electronics (other) & Accessories
Kids - School Supplies