Charity Details

Barrington Area Church of Christ

Church that reaches out to the homeless and low income residents of Indianapolis.

Issue Area: Health , Human Services , Public Benefit , Religion
Non-profit Status: 501(c)3
To improve the way that homeless individuals feel and look about themselves. If they feel better about themselves then maybe they can get a job and get off the streets. To supply them with soem basic hygiene products and clothing especially for winter time. To assist low income families with items for their children. to assist babies and toddlers get a jump start on education.
Specific Needs:
Toiletries for homeless men and women. Clothing for the homeless men and women. Food for homeless men and women. Clothing and baby food for newborns and todllers. Childrens clothes and other items for low income families. Toy and games for low income families with children.

Our Needs:

Food & Drink
Kids - Toys & Games
Kids - School Supplies
Clothing & Accessories (Adult)
Toiletries, Health & Personal Care
Kids - Furniture