Charity Details

ArtReach at Lillstreet

Please help us bring arts to underserved communities throughout the city

Issue Area: Arts, Culture, Humanities , Education , Public Benefit
Non-profit Status: 501(c)3
ArtReach is a not-for-profit arts education organization that is committed to implementing and delivering programming to under-served children and adults communities in Chicago.
Specific Needs:
We are in need of art and office supplies such as various types of paper, glue, washable markers and paint, collage items (popsicle sticks, buttons, beads, pipe cleaners ), glass tiles or mosaic supplies, office chairs and folding chairs, all-in-one printer, standard size envelopes, shoe box sized lidded supply bins and other organizational items. We are always fundraising and need technology such as ipads for this as well as auction prizes.

Our Needs:

Cameras & Photography
Computers & Computer Accessories
Office Furniture
Silent Auction Prizes
Electronics (other) & Accessories
Kids - School Supplies