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Arthur A. Libby Elementary School

Donate to support education, the arts, and community programming

Issue Area: Arts, Culture, Humanities , Education , Public Benefit
Non-profit Status: 501(c)3
Our mission is to ensure that all students have access to the best practices in reading, mathematics, social sciences, writing, technology, and the arts. All students will have access to resources that provide them with the knowledge, skills, and experiences for success through the use of data driven curriculum, standards-based instruction, and research-based staff development. We are committed to providing an emotionally and physically safe environment for students and promoting the involvement of family in the education of their children. In addition, Libby School strives to provide students with opportunities for extended school days and extra curricular activities that promote the development of the whole child.
Specific Needs:
Arthur A. Libby Elementary is an elementary school and community center located on the south side of Chicago. We could use materials for classrooms pre-K-8th grade, two autism classrooms, an arts program including dance, drama, choir, and drum line, a YMCA, and a parent engagement center. We need items like computers, school supplies, art supplies, office supplies, sports equipment and basic theatrical lighting and microphones to keep all of our programs thriving.

Our Needs:

Books, Periodicals, & Magazines
Computers & Computer Accessories
Musical Instruments & Accessories
Sports Equipment
Kids - Toys & Games
Kids - School Supplies
theatrical lighting/ microphones for our musical productions