Charity Details

Animal Rescue Foundation - Illinois (ARF-IL)

Donate to Support Homeless Animals

Issue Area: Animals
Non-profit Status: 501(c)3
Animal Rescue Foundation – IL (ARF) is a NO-kill, volunteer based, non-profit organization, dedicated to enriching the lives of animals that society has abandoned, rejected, and neglected. We do this through promoting responsible pet ownership.
Specific Needs:
Animal Rescue Foundation – IL (ARF) is a NO-kill, non-profit animal rescue organization established in 1985. We are an all volunteer based group dedicated to finding loving homes for the abandoned, and abused animals of our community. Animals waiting for adoption are in temporary care homes licensed by the state of Illinois

Our Needs:

Pet Supplies
Silent Auction Prizes
Cleaning Supplies & Equipment
Paper Towels, bath towels, High Quality Dog and Cat Food, Pet beds, Dog Bones, Treats