Charity Details

51st Street Business Association

Donate to support community and economic development

Issue Area: Other
Non-profit Status: 501(c)3
Our mission is to redevelo, remotivate and change the Grand Boulevard community through creating education, job, recreational, cultural, and business opportunities for the low-income residents residing in the surround areas.
Specific Needs:
The 51st Street Business Association is a non profit organization (501c3) and is a community and business resource center. The needs of the organization is based on the needs of the community residents. We are in a low income area and food clothing, furniture, etc. are need for seniors, youth and adults. Our organization has limited funding and is also in need of equipment and supplies. We try to be a resource for the needs of our residents, thusly all donations are appreciated and will be distributed to community residents in the Grand Boulevard community.

Our Needs:

Home Furniture
Office Furniture
Any financial donation to assist us with our operating cost would be appreciated. We would like to secure free tickets to events for our youth and adults (sports, theatre and special events)Television and DVD to show training videos at community workshops