Zealous Good


Pay Per Donation

  • 5% Donation Fee
  • Unlimited Donation Requests
  • Email Support


Monthly Allotment

  • No Donation Fee on first $750 in donated items
  • Unlimited Donation Requests
  • Email Support


Custom Plan

  • No Donation Charge
  • Unlimited Donation Requests
  • Email & Phone Support
We also have our Zealous Beginner plan. Sign up and see all of your possible donations. No credit card required.
Why is there an administrative fee?

Zealous Good has operating costs for sourcing donations, managing and upgrading our system, and many others. Admin fees help us recover these costs, while providing great services and value.

When am I charged?

When you select a paid plan or are selected to receive a donation. Upon requesting your first donation, you enter a credit card and select a plan.

Do I have to use a credit card?

Yes. Our payment processor uses credit cards, which helps us keep our costs and fees low.

Are there upgrade fees, termination fees or other hidden fees?

None whatsoever - what you see is what you get!